What Is the Default Generator For Cmake In Windows?

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The default generator for CMake in Windows is "Visual Studio." This generator allows you to create and manage Visual Studio projects and solutions for building your CMake-based projects. It provides a user-friendly interface for configuring project settings and generating build files that can be opened and built directly within the Visual Studio IDE. The Visual Studio generator is commonly used for developing C++ applications on the Windows platform.

What is the default generator for Clang in CMake?

The default generator for Clang in CMake is typically the "Ninja" generator. You can specify a different generator by using the -G flag when running CMake.

What is the default Borland generator for CMake in Windows?

The default Borland generator for CMake in Windows is "Borland Makefiles".

How to configure CMake to use a specific generator by default?

You can set the default generator in CMake by defining the environment variable CMAKE_GENERATOR.

To do this, you can add the following line to your .bashrc or .zshrc file:

export CMAKE_GENERATOR="Unix Makefiles"

Replace "Unix Makefiles" with the name of the generator you want to use by default (e.g. "Ninja", "Visual Studio 16 2019", etc).

After adding this line, any new terminal session you open will automatically use the specified generator as the default when running CMake.

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